About Me

Hello all and welcome to my blog!

1004947_10152175404828529_1617910139_nMy name is Heather Kunkle and I am a junior public relations major at Kent State University.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. (hence why this blog is about Pittsburgh.)

I’m a huge Pittsburgh sports fanatic.  I bleed black and gold and love to cheer on my teams no matter what the outcome is.  I’m very passionate about this blog because I am happy where I came from.  Since I go to college out-of-state, I’m always bragging about all of the fascinating attractions Pittsburgh has.  In my mind, I thought what better way to showcase Pittsburgh than to blog about it.  This blog will serve as a guide around Pittsburgh.

After college, I plan on pursuing a career in the public relations field.  I’ve always had a dream of working in the sports industry and would work on the PR side.

Feel free to email me at hkunkle1@kent.edu or follow me on Twitter if you have any questions about my posts.



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