Slip down a Milkshake at the Milkshake Factory

It’s finally summer vacation for me and it’s time for me to fulfill some of my adventures I have on my “summer bucket list.” Last week, my boyfriend and I tried the Milkshake Factory in the Southside. It was finally a nice, hot day in Pittsburgh so, it was the perfect way to cool off! I’ve never been to the Milkshake Factory, but have always wanted to try it out. As I walked in the door of the Milkshake Factory, I got a whiff of chocolate; I knew I was in the right place. I didn’t know where to begin and which flavor to choose from for my milkshake! The Milkshake Factory has 55 flavors and always features a flavor of the month. I decided to get my favorite flavor (mint) and ordered the vanilla mint milkshake. My boyfriend decided to get the oreo milkshake. With so many flavors to choose from, everyone will be pleased. If you are a lover of chocolate, then the Milkshake Factory is a paradise for you!  I recently found out that the Milkshake Factory offers half priced shakes from 4-6 every Wednesday.milkshake factory