Companies Turn to Social Media

Social Media has been a great way for companies and businesses to promote their products. Companies turn to websites like Facebook and Twitter to share their latest product or promotions the company might have going on. I personally follow numerous companies on social media websites to stay up-to-date with the latest products or deals companies have going on.   Social media websites has been a way for consumers and fans to voice how they feel about a product or company.

Companies are able to use Twitter and Facebook to promote their brand. It is a useful portal to the outside world. I decided to take a look at some of the restaurants and attractions around Pittsburgh to see how they use social media.

Oakmont Bakery:

Oakmont BakeryI must say, I have a sweet tooth and that’s what makes me always crave the delicious pastries from Oakmont Bakery. I get my most up-to-date information about Oakmont Bakery from following its Facebook page. Oakmont Bakery does a good job with updating its Facebook with visuals of its pastries. I think pictures on social media sites tell it all. When I see a picture, I’m more likely to want to try the product because of how good it might look. The pictures give the consumer an idea of what it is they want before they buy it.   The Facebook also includes Oakmont Bakery’s website for viewers to find more information about the pastries. Oakmont Bakery does a good job with making sure the information is updated daily on its Facebook page.


BRGR Tweets In one of my earlier posts, I talked about a favorite restaurant of mine, BRGR. I decided to follow BRGR on social media to stay in the loop of the latest promotions and newest menu items. Ever since I followed BRGR on twitter, I have noticed how frequently they are on my timeline. BRGR is always keeping its followers updated with where its food truck is located for the day. This is a good way for the followers to pick up a BRGR burger from the food truck if it’s in their area. BRGR also tweets about limited time menu items that are being sold at either of its locations. I personally enjoy when BRGR mentions limited edition items because if it weren’t for social media I wouldn’t know of the many delicious items! Another thing the BRGR does is engaging in conversation its followers. This is a good way to keep a positive image of the brand and connect with the consumers to see how their experience was with BRGR.


Carnegie Museum of Art:

Art MuseumI love exploring Pittsburgh, but sometimes I never know what to do. I have relied on social media to stay in the loop of upcoming events all around the city. I follow the Carnegie Museum of Art on Facebook and have been quite surprised of how often it is updated. It is constantly being updated with events that will be held at the museum and any information that will go along with it. The page also updates its viewers with pictures from events that museum has held, this really gives the viewer a feel of what the event was like without being there. Carnegie Museum of Art does a great job in promoting its events and the museum in a whole to its viewers.

What companies are you staying up-to-date with? Let me know if you have any suggestions on companies I should follow, I’d love to hear!


6 thoughts on “Companies Turn to Social Media

  1. Heather, you made some really great points. Social media really effects the way consumers view a brand. Instagram is a great example of this because it allows audiences to see visuals of the company. The company is able to post pictures of anything from an event or compay celebration to products being used by real people. Your Oakmont Bakery picture shows how effective visuals can be because now I really want that cake and I’m sure many other people do too! Social media is evolving and it is now one of the greatest tools in PR. You did a great job showig that in your post!

    • Thanks for your comment Morgan! I love following companies on social media and especially Instagram. I think social media outlets are a great way for companies to promote its products to its consumers!

  2. I think you made some really good points! You mentioned the frequency at which these companies post updates, events, and information on their social media websites. You said that it helps you to keep informed, which is convenient. You’re absolutely right; people subscribe to these businesses to be informed, and that’s exactly what they’re doing! There can be an overload, however, and that’s where the balance is.
    I also think that the pictures that are used are important to the business’ social networking demeanor. When they seem to be taken with someone’s camera or cell phone, it gives them a more real effect, which wouldn’t be achieved if they used a highly edited and commercialized picture.
    You also made a comment about the businesses engaging in conversation with their subscribers. That’s crucial, and I’m really glad you mentioned it. The feedback people give can be amazing advice, and people like to feel that connection!
    I like your blog a lot, and I will definitely use it if I decide to go to Pittsburgh!
    -Meghan Dues

    • Thanks for your comment Meghan. I follow brands and companies on a daily basis just to be informed. I think companies are using social media greatly to inform its consumers. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog, definitely use it as a guide, that’s what it’s there for! 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed your post, but I think it would have added a new perspective if you had talked about Instagram as well. Many consumers may not take Instagram seriously yet, but many companies are using Instagram, especially fashion brands. I follow over 100 brands on Facebook and I’m able to keep up with new products, sales, and videos of the runway shows. Another booming social media area is snapchat, which sounded crazy to me at first, but I now follow a brands on snapchat.
    A brand that I believe does a perfect job of using social media to the fullest is Victoria’s Secret Pink. Pink has a corporate Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, a Blog and their own app, but each of the 75 campuses across the country with representative programs have their own set of personalized social media sites as well. The social media team at corporate has a person to focus on each separate site and check every comment left by customers. They keep the sites up to date on sales, promotions, new products, events, and special news updates. Just today, Pink released through snapchat that this years annual fashion show will be hosted in London. This is huge news side it has always been hosted in NYC.
    In conclusion, I think you provided some valuable insight especially in the restaurant industry and social media. Your discussion about photos making you want to buy the product brings up a good point of how visuals can bring business. The fact that BRGR tweets their location for the food truck would be a great way to grab attention of potential customers in the area. I’m moving to NYC in the fall, so I really liked you discussion on following museums, that is definitely something I will consider next year.

    • Thanks for your insight Christianna. I also follow a bunch of brands on Instagram accounts. I think Instagram is on the rise and a lot of companies are turning to that outlet. I didn’t know you could follow brands on Snapchat, but that is a cool use of social media for brands. Another social media outlet we both forgot to mention is Vine. After you throwing out the other social media outlets made me think of Vine. Social media plays a huge role in a companies everyday life. Thanks for your comment!

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