The In’s and Out’s of Pittsburgh’s Strip District

Are you ever looking for something fun and unique to do on the weekends in Pittsburgh?  One of my favorite things to do is to go down to the Strip District, get breakfast and walk around the different shops with my family.


The only place that can say that they have the “best” breakfast in town. Come hungry, but come early because there’s always a line!  Deluca’s holds a capacity of 90 people and nearly serves 1,000 people every Saturday and Sunday.  delucas collageI’ve only been to Deluca’s twice, but I can vouch for myself that it’s the best breakfast I’ve ever had in Pittsburgh.  If you’re looking for plate-sized pancakes, then Deluca’s is the place for you.  My favorite dish to get at Deluca’s is the cinnamon bun pancakes with a side of eggs and bacon.  If you’re not in the mood for pancakes, don’t worry because Deluca’s comes stacked with options!  Some of the options include: massive breakfast omelets, crepes, lunch  food and even waffle sundaes.  photo 3Did you ever think you could have ice cream for breakfast?  Well, Deluca’s gives you the option.  The waffle sundaes come topped with ice cream, different fruit options, chocolate or carmel sauce, nuts and loaded with whipped cream.  Deluca’s food has been so popular, that it has even been featured on Travel Channel’s Man v Food.  Adam Richman, host of Man v. Food, indulged in all of the offerings Deluca’s serves. With Deluca’s, you’re not burning a hole in your wallet, but you will pay for eating too much from all that is on your plate.

Strip District

After you have a full stomach, it will be time for you to walk it all off!  What better way to do so, then by walking around Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District.  The Strip District is located on Penn Avenue right outside of downtown Pittsburgh.  Experience all the unique diners, sidewalk food stands and Pittsburgh shops.  Whether you need groceries, Pittsburgh apparel or have a sweet tooth, the Strip District is just for you!  Enjoy the smell of Mancini’s fresh cut bread at the Mancini Bread Company, fishy taste at Wholey’s Fish Market or hear the popping sounds at the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company.  If you’re in need of a Pittsburgh sporting apparel item, the Strip has everything from jerseys, jewelry, hats, banners or sidewalk vendor made “Yinzer” t-shirts and sweatshirts. photo 14 If you’re thinking of cooking an authentic Italian meal, then be sure to stop by the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company.  The store features all Italian imported goods including spices, pasta, fresh cheese and even deli meats.  If you’re craving something sweet don’t forget to drop by Mon Aimee Chocolat or Peace, Love and Little Donuts.  At Peace, Love and Little Donuts you won’t find just any ordinary donuts.  Try something new and find out what a bacon topped maple frosted donut can do to your taste buds.  No matter what you do when you visit the Strip District, it will be a new and entertaining experience for not only your taste buds and senses, but a sight for your eyes.

Does this food make your mouth water like it made my mine?  Let me know if you would try Deluca’s or the Strip District.  Better yet, let me know if you ever experienced Deluca’s or a walk down the Strip.  Share your favorite dish from Deluca’s, I’d love to hear!


2 thoughts on “The In’s and Out’s of Pittsburgh’s Strip District

    • They’re to die for! I love the sweet glaze icing that comes on it! We can share them! They’re huge, I can never finish them myself!

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